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Camper van furniture

Our Story

Welcome to our website CNCKITZ4U, we are a small family run business with a background
in Engineering, fabrication, mechanical expertise, woodworking skills, and all important
communication & friendliness.
Over the past 17 Years we have been running our family business in the ‘Adaptions for
disabled vehicles sector’ unfortunately due to COVID 19 and the Ukraine war we have
struggled to survive the vehicle availability market which has been very slow to recover,
which sadly resulted in our company closing.
During the pandemic, we put our skills to converting Used VW Transporters into camper
vans, and this kept us going over the last 2 years to early 2023, having this experience in
building camper vans and thoroughly enjoying the process we decided to put all our efforts
into making camper Van furniture to sell, we bought a CNC Machine & proceeded to making
camper van furniture, which is now our new business.
We hope to help people achieve their goals in getting their perfect Camper Van, we are
happy to discuss options, and bespoke solutions. We are not designers but have a good
contact who is, and for a charge will assist in achieving this for you.
Camper-van furniture kits, Pods, Buddy Boxes/seat/storage, Kitchen units, can be supplied
prebuilt or flat packed as well as bespoke units to order. All units are made using high quality
15mm plywood, or Laminate Ply, designed and cut to your specification or we have kits
ready scribed to fit your van, Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Vito/sprinter, VW Transporters (from
2003)/caddy/caddy maxi, Vauxhall vivaro, Ford Transit, and more.

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